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About Us

Welcome to Eliminatore, a dynamic start-up
where innovation meets aquaculture excellence.

Our Mission

To reshape and transform the future of the aquaculture industry through the relentless pursuit of innovation and the harnessing of cutting-edge technology.

Our Vision

We aspire to revolutionize the way fish farms operate, offering them a smarter, more efficient, and sustainable approach to net inspection and maintenance. Our ultimate goal is to ensure the long-term health and profitability of this vital industry.

Meet Core Team

Meet the visionary minds driving Eliminatore forward,
each contributing their unique expertise and passion to our mission.

Evangelos Lampos Founder, CEO

He is the driving force behind Eliminatore. Evangelos is the visionary leader guiding our team towards transforming the aquaculture industry. His determination and dedication to our mission are the driving forces behind our innovative solutions.

Christos Gkouarmanis Co-founder, CTO

His understanding of data and computer vision plays a pivotal role in developing the cutting-edge technology that powers our underwater drones. His expertise ensures innovation in our solutions, providing our clients with useful insights.