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The Best Underwater Inspection Solution

Eliminatore offers the most advanced underwater inspection for aquaculture facilities

Features & Technology

Boasting a suite of advanced features designed for detailed aquaculture net exploration. Equipped with cutting-edge cameras and robust navigation systems

Seamless Integration

Our underwater drones navigates with easy by capturing high-definition video with precision. Thus each drone is ready to deliver insights beneath the waves

Designed for Professionals

Crafted for the experts in aquaculture industries, our drones offer reliability for detailed underwater inspections and efficient resource management

Cost reduction

With our product any aquaculture company can reduce it’s costs up to 35%.

Real time stats

Our sensors collect many data & analyze them in real time with AI techniques.

Easy to use interface

You can use it with our smartphone app or web application from your home.

Silence operation

The silent drone operation reduces fish stress and promotes growth.

Next-level Drone videos

Dive into the depths with our cutting-edge underwater rotatable camera, offering real-time observation from any angle. Our camera boasts a Full HD starlight lens, capturing stunning 1080P videos and 2-megapixel photos. With built-in Sony Starvis sensors and six floodlights, you can explore the underwater world with clarity even in dim-light conditions, reaching an impressive 2-meter visual range. Experience the wonders beneath the surface like never before

Drone Features

The things you get when buying the Drone

6 Vector Thrusters

The water surface drone has six vector thrusters for multi-directional movements on the water surface.

GPS Locator

With the built-in GPS, it can keep position and automatically return back when it exceeds the signal of the controller.

Mount accessories

The drone has built-in communication and power ports and allows more mountable accessories.

Live Streaming

Support live-streaming on Youtube or any other custom platform for sharing photos & recorded videos with one click.

4 Hours autonomy

4800mAh lithium battery can work up to 4h. Replaceable battery design for long-time inspection of aquaculture nets.

Technical specs

Effective WiFi distance: 30/60 Meters Maximum working depth: 20 meters Operating temperature: -10℃ – 45℃

Optimised for Action and stability

APP or Controller, Simple and Smooth

The maximum WiFi distance controlled by APP: 30m
The maximum WiFi distance controlled by remote controller: 60m

Aquaculture owners Love this Drone

Eliminatore’s aquaculture net damage detection solution can saved our fish farm thousands of euros annually while improving efficiency

It’s a game-changer

Revolutionary detection

With computer vision algorithms, we can even detect the holes in each aquaculture net


Secure your aquaculture’s future today by pre-ordering our innovative underwater drone solution and gain the competitive edge in safeguarding your fish stocks and maximizing profits